Jumpstart book
Jumpstart book

The impossible Voiceover audio interface

We put a rocket on a bicycle. Just as portable and adorable as the original MikeHero, plus DSP power.

The DSP makes features that were reserved for post production available on-the-fly for you to record and run remote sessions like a pro. Denoise, Dynamic Compression, Parametric EQ, Loopback, and more… Good gravy. 

Works with your computer or phone, and all types of microphones.


Imagine being able to connect your 416 shotgun or condenser mic straight to your phone. MikeHero makes that a reality.

That’s right. You don’t need to worry about finding a wall outlet or carrying any extra batteries. Not even your laptop for that matter!  


We all know that post production takes your voiceover to the next level. With MikeHero DSP you get all the “production” with none of the “post.”

At your fingertips you will find plosive filter, parametric EQ, dynamic compression and even denoise. And all that happens on-the-fly as you record or run a remote session live – at the hardware level.

Jumpstart book


Removes background noise such as HVAC, home appliances, traffic rumble, etc.



Recording safety is the name of the game. You won’t ever lose a recording session due to peaking ever again.



Think of it as a digital wind screen. This plosive filter was designed specifically to minimize the impact of “P” and “B” plosives, without cutting into your voice. 



Get that full bodied and crisp voice that you would normally only hear in professional productions.



Effortlessy add your podcast intro, background music, and make commentary on videos excerpts.


Monitor Channel

Playback your recording through monitor speakers without microphone feedback.

travel light.

When I say light, I mean 0.27 lbs, precisely. The MikeHero DSP is both lighter and smaller than a small smartphone. But dynamite comes in small packages. 

I’m particularly impressed with the MikeHero DSP. I LOVE that it makes it so that no one can tell I’m traveling. And it’s the perfect size.

@Jodi Krangle

Female Voice Over Talent, specializing in Warm, Rich, Real reads for Commercials & Narrations

The MikeHero DSP checks all the boxes! Can handle any pair of headphones or microphones.
Has “loopback” and many other features powered by an on-board DSP. This Interface is worth 3 times the asking price!
@Jerry Pelletier

5 time SOVAS Award Nominee

I wish I had this when I first started in VO. Wildly powerful, intentional features, and impossibly small. I use it for all genres of VO work, podcasting, and capturing audio on my camera while shooting video. You would be hard pressed to find another interface/preamp built this well for the same price.

@Tim Heller

Audiobook Producer - 40+ titles in 2023