Live demo of the PodMobile™

Listen to the unedited audo of AudioSigma's founder, Fernando, talk about the features of the PodMobile™

See what our customers have to say about PodMobile™

  • Andrew Wehrlen

    "The PodMobile is a truly amazing audio interface. For me it’s a travel “rig”. But it can easily work in a studio. But the fact an iPhone can power a 48v phantom powered mic and do it so well is amazing. Trust me, the PodMobile is a must add to your kit!"

  • Jodi Krangle

    "As a full time voice actor, taking a vacation can be a challenge. PodMobile is simple to use, plug & play and has a really low noise floor. Plus, it can even connect my Sennheiser 416 to my phone if I need it to. It's now an essential part of my travel gear. Thanks Fernando!"

  • Ryan G.

    "I was skeptical about using a portable device for my podcasts, but the PodMobile™ has completely won me over."

Our Commitment to You

Audiosigma Values

  • Legacy

    As a founder of Audiosigma, Fernando is in it for the long-haul. Today we are a small startup company, but our minds are set to grow into a "brick & mortar" business, where people drive to work, and feel valued at their place of employment. Fernando's intentions is to create jobs, and have everyone working at Audiosigma as an extended family of his own. Highly inspired by Steve Irby, founder of KICKER that has been in business for over 50 years, Fernando wants to do the same.

  • Quality and Value

    At Audiosigma, we're committed to delivering the highest quality products that exceed our customers' expectations at a price they can afford. We consolidate the use of the latest technology with tried and true engineering techniques to create products like the PodMobile™ that are reliable, easy to use, and produce professional-level results.

  • Ease of use

    We believe that when we do our job well, you will obtain PROFESSIONAL results without headaches. Technology should be easy and convenient, which is why we've designed the PodMobile™. Our customers can use the device with a wide range of microphones and operating systems, making it a hassle-free tool for their content creation needs.