Travel light, podcast RIGHT.

Our ultra-portable audio interface designed for podcasters on the move. Got friends? PodMobile is expandable to accommodate up to 10 participants. Plus, EQ and De-noise features means everywhere is your studio.

We put a rocket on a bicycle.

It may look like the classic Hero, but trust us, this is a whole new beast. Everything you love about the original, plus the power and features you need to run remote sessions like a pro. Loopback, de-noise, dynamic compression, and more… Good gravy.


Clean sound anytime, anywhere.

Our classic. Affordable, portable, and kind of adorable. Our original interface designed specifically with voiceover artists in mind. Whether it’s in your go-bag or in your booth, you’ll have clean sound anytime, anywhere.


We overachievers with a burning desire to create products that are impressive to listen, obvious to use, and affordable to obtain.

To understand why we do what we do, we must understand the mind of the founder. Fernando Pires is an entrepreneur, engineer, and musician, passionate about audio electronics since the age of four years old. Thanks to his creative efforts and work ethic, Fernando has created and been granted five patents and counting. Along with founding Audiosigma, Fernando currently works as senior electrical engineer at Stillwater Designs (KICKER) creating award winning products that are sold around the world at major retailers such as Walmart and BestBuy. When it comes to any product design, Fernando settles for nothing less than world class. 

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