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PodMobile™ is an ultra-portable audio recording interface designed specifically for Podcasters and Voice Actors. Plug up to two mics and up to two pairs of headphones and knock yourself out!

The phantom powered patent-pending preamplifiers work seamlessly with a wide range of mics; from the quietest dynamic (e.g. Shure SM7B) to the loudest condenser (e.g. Sennheiser MKH-416) without any additional hardware. That’s right! No boosters or activators needed here, folks. 

PodMobile™ has onboard Bass and Treble controls that are calibrated to create any tone you may need; just turn them 1/3 of the way right of center and almost magically you’ll have a warmer and crisper sound! Keep them flat if you’d prefer a spectacularly clean raw recording. Doing a podcast interview in a noisy environment with some rumble in the table? Cut the bass to compensate and get your signal clean going in! Easy peasy, pop-filter squeezy.

If you’re on the go, PodMobile™ allows you to record a podcast or interview using only your smartphone, which means you can upload it straight to YouTube! No editing needed. Simply plug it into your phone and rock it anywhere, anytime!

If your thing is a fixed location like a podcast room, the PodMobile™ has you covered. It can scale up to six participants for your gig using the patent-pending expansion port.

Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

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