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Jumpstart book

Podcast audio interface


Our ultra-portable audio interface designed for podcasters on the move. Got friends? PodMobile is expandable to accommodate up to 10 participants.

If you’ve been looking for that strong voice presence that jumps out of a clean background, look no further. With the built-in EQ and Denoise features you can record on a kitchen table and sound like a million bucks. 



A few audio seconds speak more than a thousand words. Listen to it before reading on the geeky stuff…


With PodMobile you can record a full podcast or interview using just your phone. That’s right. It literally runs off of your phone alone, so you don’t need to worry about finding a wall outlet or carrying any extra batteries.

Imagine being able to connect two professional headphones and two professional mics to your phone. PodMobile makes that a reality.


When you listen to a podcast that sounds awesome, most of the time there is post-production done to it. With PodMobile you get all the “production” and none of the “post.”

It will normalize levels, apply parametric EQ, and even clean background noise on-the-fly as you record or stream.

Jumpstart book


Removes background noise such as HVAC, home appliances, traffic rumble, etc.



Get that “radio voice” and speak with AUTHORITY!


Sound Leveler

Shout loud, LAUGH hard. All that with perfect levels and no peaking buddy.



Effortlessy add your podcast intro, background music, and make commentary on videos excerpts.


Stage recording

For two or more people, add an audible stage to your visual stage.


Monitor Channel

Playback your recording through monitor speakers without microphone feedback.


Daisy chain up to five PodMobile units for podcasting with up to 10 participants via our proprietary lossless link connectivity.